The Wholesale Formula Review & $27,398 Bonus Offer

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The Wholesale Formula bonus package

The Wholesale Formula 2021
Review Summary

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The Wholesale Formula by Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost

Product Type:

videos + templates + transcripts + webinars


$997 for 3 months or 1 payment of $2497 (you save $494)


TWF is a step-by-step training course that teaches you how to build a profitable Amazon wholesale business starting from searching & scouting for potential profitable products, contacting brand owners and selling the products.

Welcome to my latest review of The Wholesale Formula course created by Dylan Frost & Dan Meadors to teach you how to build a profitable wholesale Amazon business... Before we go any further, let me show you a screenshot from inside the members' dashboard to prove that I've got the new edition of the Wholesale Formula 2.0 class, so you can trust I know what I'm talking about...

The Wholesale Formula review

Back to our review... so what is TWF? What do you get in the 2021 edition? how would it help you start or grow your business? What bonus do I offer if you buy TWF today? Continue reading to find out all these answers and more...

What is The Wholesale Formula?

TWF is a complete step-by-step training course that comes in 5 core modules plus templates, checklists, transcripts, and webinars.

All of this works together to teach you how to sell wholesale on Amazon utilizing FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) to automate most of the business processes.

The Wholesale Formula Logo

What You Get When You Join Today...

TWF method works in 3 main steps: Scouting - Sourcing - Selling. The whole content of the program is directed towards achieving these 3 steps in the best possible way.

The course is divided into modules, and each module has many short lessons (so you are not bored with long videos, and you can find anything you search for easily.) Each video lesson comes with transcript and whatever needed for that lesson like templates, checklists,..., etc.

When you join The Wholesale Formula today, you get access to all of this:

Module 1 - Orientation

TWF 2.0 Module 1

This module is the foundation of the method where Dan & Dylan walks you through the process and business model and how to start your business the right way because most of the brand owners won't deal with you if you don't follow the starting method they teach here. There's a special video teaching you what to do if you are an international seller (i.e.: what to do if you are not in the USA)

Module 2 - Product Analysis

In this module, you'll learn the product research process at its finest. You'll understand the Buy Box and how you can get your bite of the pie with the reverse sourcing system that's explained here as well. You learn how to analyze competition and calculate your expected profit margins before even contacting a brand owner.

Module 3 - Scouting

You'll take what you discovered in module 2 and put it into the different scouting methods illustrated in this module. Dan & Dylan utilize different methods and templates like leaf sourcing, Amazon filtering, Helium 10 filtering, and the most detailed one known as super targeting. They finish this module by a live scouting video.

Module 4 - Value Propositions

This is the module where you learn how to prepare your value propositions (how you add value to brands) in advance before contacting brand owners, so when you contact them you have higher chances to close the deal. Value propositions mean how you can be valuable to brand owners or in other words, why they would want to work with you...

You'll need a professional website to do so which is explained in this module (but what if I can give you a done for you site and it is free? check my bonus offer)

Module 5 - Sourcing

This is where the rubber meets the road. In this module, you'll learn the different approaches to contact brand owners that come with templates for every approach (both emails and calls.) And the best part is that they put templates for every situation, so you know what to do even if you get an initial no! At the end of this module, you'll have everything you need to start selling and making profits.

TWF Coaching Momentum Program

New in 2021, The Wholesale Formula 2.0 is including TWF Coaching with every enrollment! That means you’ll get access to an experienced TWF Coach who has built a successful business after starting as a new student just like you. Every two weeks, your Coach will share informational videos and demonstrations for you to watch AND host LIVE Q&A sessions where you’ll get the chance to talk to an expert face-to-face (virtually, of course!)

TWF Alumni Facebook Community

TWF Alumni Facebook Community

This is a Facebook private group where you can get all the help and support you need. Plus hanging out with other like-minded TWF members to share ideas, get inspiration, and celebrate victories. This community has now about 5000 members, and it's priceless.

Webinar Recordings

The Wholesale Formula webinar

These are over 12 hours of webinar recordings from previous TWF classes where you learn more tactics form Dan & Dylan plus tons of valuable answers to students' questions.

Resource Vault

TWF Resource Vault

This is the additional training that you may need... it's delivered in the form of videos that cover different aspects of the business but not in the main process, so Dan & Dylan decided to add them to a separate section to avoid distraction... Also, they decided to do that because some people already know this, so they can skip them...

Examples of such lessons include opening an Amazon seller central account, opening an LLC,..., etc. They are needed parts of the business, but not on the main track of the process. They refer to each video in its appropriate part of the course

This Vault also includes the resources from the course like cheat sheets and templates... Plus they gather all the services they use in this section with available discounts for TWF members.

Lifetime Updates

Dan & Dylan commit to the success of their students. This is why they update the course regularly to cover all the new tactics and strategies of running this business (this version is the wholesale formula 2.0 and all earlier students got access to this new version.) When you buy the Wholesale Formula today you get access to every future update of the course.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses 2021

Beside the main course, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are giving you some cool bonuses to help you get better results with your business... These bonuses are not specific for Amazon Wholesale business, but they apply for all businesses, but they tailor them to suit what you are doing here...

TWF Bonus #1: The Business Owners Playbook

The Business Owners Playbook

This is a mini-course on how to run a business... You'll learn things like hiring employees, managing the business, negotiation, developing business workflow,..., etc.

TWF Bonus #2: VA Launchpad

VA Launchpad

This is another mini-course that consists of 3 modules (26 videos) that teaches you everything you need to know about hiring and working with VAs (Virtual Assistants.)

Every CEO and business owner needs to watch this mini-course... It really covers everything! And you will need VAs once your business grows and you won't be able to run and manage everything by yourself. In the end, you want a lifestyle business, not another job!

TWF Bonus #3: Brand Optimization Formula

Brand Optimization Blueprint

TWF All-Star student Aymeric Monello mastered the craft of optimizing Amazon product listings to help brands find more customers, sell more units, and better represent themselves online...

In Aymeric's Brand Optimization Formula Course, you'll learn his secret Compounding Effect, "The List" of 18 things you can optimize on any listing to 10x your sales, and his step-by-step System to perform each.

Once you're done, you'll know how to optimize any listing and provide MASSIVE value to any brand owner (this course sells alone for $997, but yours free with your TWF membership.)

The Wholesale Formula Students Results

TWF Results

Check this testimonial from Chris, a TWF member who crushed it with The Wholesale Formula method...



I took The Wholesale Formula in January. I was able to land my first wholesale account in February, and by mid-march had the products live and selling for $10 profit per unit.

The course has paid for itself already and I've got more products on the way. Thanks TWF!

And here are some more students' results

And some more

My $27,398 Wholesale Formula Bonus Offer 

the wholesale formula bonus

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TWF results

Dan & Dylan have made over $30 Million in Amazon wholesale business. So, what is the story behind the above image? And which webinar mentioned?

This image was a celebration after an event for TWF members. Dan & Dylan have asked their members to share their results in a survey, and from the entries, they realized that only 421 of their TWF members have generated over half a billion dollars in sales combined!

In fact, this was an earlier photo... Dan and Dylan have done another survey by the end of 2020, and the results of their students were insane... they have crossed the Billion dollar mark (with a b!) The exact number was $1,057,143,592...

They use the TWF method that you can learn more about from Jason Fladlien in this webinar.

What is The Price of The Wholesale Formula 2021?

TWF has 2 payment options:

  1. One payment of $2497  (you save $494 PLUS you receive a money-back guarantee as you see below!)
  2. Three payment of $997 (you pay one installment today and the the same amount in 30 days then again the same amount in 60 days.)



You are fully protected by a 100% Quality-Guarantee.

If for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

But there's a catch... this guarantee is only for people who choose the one-payment option... Those who choose the 3-payment plan will have no refund guarantee... However, they can cancel after their first month... I'm not sure why is this, but it is what it is!

If I were you, I'd definitely choose the one-payment option to avoid any risk (however, I'm sure you won't regret buying this course with my bonus if you are serious about success!) 

How much time will TWF course take to implement?

Once you enroll in The Wholesale Formula, you get lifetime access to all the material which is available 24/7, so you get to take the course at your own speed.  The course works much like a college class.  After the enrollment period has closed, the newly enrolled class will start together.  The 5 modules are released once a week over 6 weeks so everyone is progressing and learning together.  Once you enroll, you'll find modules 1 & 2 ready in your account.

My advice to you is not to start applying the course until you finish it (at least finish module 4) because you need to be armed with knowledge when contacting brand owners.

Can Your business partner/spouse join the TWF Alumni Facebook group too?

Yes. They allow up to 2 business partners to share TWF Access. Once you enroll, you will be provided instructions via email to join the Facebook group as well as instructions to invite your business partner or spouse to the group (must be a true business partner, not a Virtual Assistant.) They also have set up the course to allow your account to be logged in to up to 2 devices at the same time (for your partner as well.)

How much money will you need to get started?

This will vary from person to person, but it's suggested that a great minimum starting budget is around $2,000 for inventory. While some earlier students succeeded with less and Dan himself had started with less, it's believed that a $2,000 budget gives you the flexibility to grow and scale your business more quickly.

What if you've never sold anything online before, is this course right for you?

There are dozens of success stories of people that have never sold anything online before taking The Wholesale Formula.  Dylan & Dan walk you through everything, step-by-step, so you know exactly how to build your business the same way they built their business.

What if you live outside the United States? Will this work for you?

Absolutely. There are students from places all over the world. In fact, some of the most successful students live outside of the US. Amazon operates over 15 online marketplaces which allows you to grow your business internationally independent of where you physically live. Click here for a full list of countries accepted for Amazon seller registration. This course aims to provide the most comprehensive explanation of how to sell on Amazon marketplaces from anywhere in the world.

The Wholesale Formula Review CONCLUSION

TWF is a step-by-step method that teaches you how to build a profitable Amazon wholesale business. The method is developed by Dan Meadors & Dylan Frost who together have made over $30 million following the exact same method they teach you.

The course comes in 5 modules that teach the core 3-step process of Scouting, Sourcing, and Selling. The videos come with transcripts and downloadable templates plus checklists and sheets, so you only need to fill in the blanks.

You also get access to a private FB community, VA Launchpad course that teaches you how to hire & train virtual assistants, more than 12 hours of webinar recordings that go through the TWF method, and answer students' questions.

And to sweeten the deal, I've arranged an awesome bonus offer that will be delivered by the Rapid Crush team. You can check this bonus offer here.

The Wholesale Formula comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (if you choose the single payment plan,) so you have no risk at all!

Here are the cons and pros of The Wholesale Formula course in my opinion:



  • Detailed step-by-step

  • Templates & Checklists (you only need to fill-in the blanks)

  • Private community is a priceless opportunity for networking
  • Proven method
  • Hundreds of success stories
  • Unlimited scale opportunities


  • It's not the cheapest product

  • Money-back guarantee is only for people who choose the one-payment option.

The course is open for enrollment now. However, you need to know that this enrollment will close on Thursday 25 February, at 11:59 PM Pacific. After that, you'll have no chance to buy The Wholesale Formula until 2022 at least (and price is said to increase next time!) So click the button below to check the bonus offer and sign up from there.

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